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Sofìa de insitum Brasil nos comparte este Fragmento de la entrevista hecha a Richard Wurman en Infodesign. La entrevista ya tiene algunos años, pero no deja de ser alentadora.

Dirk Knemeyer: Richard, what is the most important challenge facing the design industry right now?

Richard Saul Wurman: What it is, what it has been, what it always will be – is to do good work. That expression comes from an interview with Mies van der Rohe done late in his life. In the end, all I am ever trying to do with every project I do is to do good work. Not for fame, fortune or money. Just really to do something good. Something that is true at that moment to myself and as good as I can do at that moment. Not in the academic sense where you try to make something so perfect that you never do anything. Not the same quest for perfection, which is a very self-conscious thing. Many of the people I speak with are really serving other Gods: the God of Beauty, the God of Style, the God of Swiss Graphics, the Poster God, the God of Money, Success, Fame, Fortune, and yet there is only one God that I serve and that is the God of Understanding. If you serve that God, all the others will be taken care of. My quote is: “The only way to communicate is to understand what it is like not to understand.” It is at that moment that you can make something understandable.

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